Daisypath Friendship tickers

Daisypath Friendship tickers

02 December 2011

January Baby ! :]

 #yeahh ! with my bestie ! Nokia c3-01 :D
 #mintapuji !! -.-
 #cool bebeh ! jngn serius :D


Loves to dress up. 
Easily bored.
Seldom shows emotions.
Takes time to recover when hurt. 

 Okay! :] each by each XD 
1] Pretty ?? *ohhmy! am I pretty ? no, I'm not pretty! I just be who I am.. God have made me to be 'ELLYSEE ERICA LUCAS'

2] Loves to dress ?? yeahh! I much much loves dressing !:D ngrrr~~ even though I'm genduts... :P what ever you think bout me,    

 hahahaa !! *click tuu I DON'T CARE' :D see what I give you biggie2 :D

3] Easily bored ?? *yeahhh !! I'm very easily bored if you keep asking me the SAME QUESTIONS ! :'] !

4] Fussy ?? *ngee ~ don't ask me ! this questions must ask who knowing me ! :D 

5] Seldom Shows Emotions ?? *maybe !! :D don't ask me this ! :3 *TANYA SAMA ORG YG KENAL SA' :DD

6]  Takes time to recover when hurt ?? *yeah!! that true ! :'( hard to stop my tears ! hard to come back normal! hard to smile! moody with everyone even though not they fault >.< sorry !!

7] SENSITIVE ?? *yeahhh !! memang I sensitive ! :D sensitive about what ?? kau mau apaa ? mehh sini sa bgtw :D pstttt, sa tkt SERANGGA ! aww ~ yg banyak kaki tajam2 tuu !! :D mmg ! hahaha !! DON'T EVER GIVE ME THAT STUPID THINGS ! arghhhhh ~~ 

8]  Down-to-Earth ?? *Xbrpa pasti nii ayat :D kalau translate ke BM turun kebumi ! wakakaka !! mmg lerrr sa kena kasih turun di bumi.. jd d mna ? PLUTO ? :D eeehhh, Please DON'T ! :D

9] Stubborn ?? *yeahh !! mmg sa degil !! yg teramat ! :D If sa tdk dpt apa yg sa mau, sa akan buat apaa jaa smpai sa dpt tuu BENDA ! so, beware !! klau ROBERT PATTINSON sa mau pun sa dpt tuu !! hahahaa *chill ! main jaa xD xkan serius :DD ehehhee :D

 *SORRY kalau kasar ! :D



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