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Daisypath Friendship tickers

04 December 2011

Bestie just gave me ! :]

Alohaa !! :D guys, take a look here
:D its my name huh ?? I mean FB name..
yeah, actually 'Ricelle' is not my real name!
my real name is 'Erica' :D because of someone gave me that name and got some meaning..
so, I took it to be my FAKE name :3 heheheeee....

you know what ? 
my BESTIE just gave me this key chain! she just back from Jakarta, Indonesia last night ! :3
and I would never feel this feeling before even though sometimes I feel ?????? just let me knowing it :D
I'm very appreciated it ! OMG !! I'm very love this... no need go KK make it. aww ~ ahahaha !!
btw, Moy... I'm very thank to you ! ole2 nii sa kasih tanda sebagai Christmas Presents sa k ? hahaha !! :D

Imissyoudamnmuch when you at Jakarta, Indonesia btw :[ 
ntaa kenapaa sa rasa  bg2. heheheee.... GBU sa....yang...................

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