Daisypath Friendship tickers

Daisypath Friendship tickers

22 September 2011

Hello worlds :] I'm back for my blogger ! yeahaa ! want to share what hell here yeah ??
ohh, okae.. look the pictcha!! it's between me, you and her darl ! i hope and i wish, we three will be like this someday :'( but, akan kaa ini akan terjadi ???

---> firstly :D I'm very happy got besties like u two ^^ [ u know who u are ok bebs ] :D even sometimes sa rasa mcm disisikan, or something laa. hahaa !! LMAO ! lucu ekk ?? ^^ mmg lerr lucu! wahahahaha ~~

--->secondly :D I'm happy with my beloved family even EVERYDAY they make me stressssss :') but, nvm. asal kan drg bahagia. ok laa baa kn ??? heheee....

JUST HERE GUYS ! :] will update soon ! teda idea sa terkeluar skrng nii!! gish bebeh ^_^

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